What’s next?
Online resources to learn Russian

We hope that our short course helped you to learn the letters of the Russian alphabet and now you are able to read in Russian.

It is time to move on to learning Russian grammar, building your Russian vocabulary and practicing.

Here are some free online resources that will help you to that:

Learn Russian Step by Step

This site will help you to make your first steps in learning Russian. It already includes more than 160 lessons covering Russian grammar and essential Russian vocabulary.

Every lesson comes with an audio file recorded by a native Russian speaker.

This is a perfect Russian course for beginners.

Learn Russian Words

Subscribe to the Russian Word of the Day and learn new Russian words from Monday to Friday.

Every word comes with a picture, two examples and audio recorded by a native Russian speaker.

This site will also help you to find an answer to some popular questions such as:

– How to say “I love you” in Russian?

– What is the meaning of “babushka“?

– How to say “Happy birthday” in Russian?

– What is the meaning of “blin“?

And many others. Visit the sections “What does it mean in Russian?” and “How to say it in Russian?” to learn more.

To practice the words that you have learned, there are Russian flashcards available.

For a small fee of 3 Euro/month or 24 Euro/year you can not only enjoy more advanced flashcards and get rid of the ads on the site, but also track your progress when practicing with the flashcards.

Russian Verb Conjugation

When you find yourself struggling with conjugation of Russian verbs, this site will be of great help.

Russian Verb Conjugation offers multiple Russian verbs conjugated in different tenses with stress marks, examples and audio. There is also a little quiz for each verb with which you can practice what you have learned.

Everyday Russian

This site offers more opportunities to practice. It includes varions Russian lessons designed to train your reading and listening skills, as well we your Russian vocabulary.

Очень по-русски

When you reach an intermediate level, don’t miss a change to boost your Russian to a completely new level with a Russian podcast, Russian jokes, Russian proverbs and Russian songs. All this content of the site is accompanied by audio files (songs by the videos).

There is also a Modern Russian Dictionary where you can find vocabulary that goes far beyond your standard textbooks.